Frederick the Fox Enamel Pin

$9.50 USD - $11.00 USD
  • Frederick the Fox Enamel Pin

Frederick the Fox is an old soul who always acts grumpy (but is actually a sweetheart). He loves writing books in his spare time and will always take his coffee with one sugar, no cream.

These adorable forest pals are 1.5-inch, gold, hard enamel pins. Take these precious friends on an adventure with you on your clothes, bags, hats, and more! Or maybe you want to display them as a collection on a corkboard. Each pin has two posts and is secured with two rubber backings. Since enamel pins are handmade, please allow for minor imperfections on the pins.

Grading is as follows:
A-grade: Little to no imperfections on pins
B-Grade: Minor defects that can only be seen close up
C-Grade: Noticeable defects, scratches, discoloration